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The Leading Medicine Guide is a medical practitioner and hospital portal, which has information about specialist hospitals and highly qualified medical practitioners. Only specialists in their fields are listed in the Leading Medicine Guide. You can be certain of finding a qualified specialist medical practitioner for a treatment via Search according to the specialist field and the treatment emphases.

As a new highlight of Chinese economy, the mushrooming Big Health Market has immeasurable potentials to achieve a size of over RMB 8,000 billion by 2020, predicted CIConsulting. Tapping into China’s growing demand for high-quality wellness & health products, Wellness China 2018 is a brand new event that targets at both the general public as well as professionals, covering an exhibition area of 10,000 sqm.

2018 APASL STC Taipei provides a wonderful forum which includes keynote lecture, state-of-art lecture, plenary sessions, workshop, postgraduate courses, and oral/poster sessions on latest evidence-based research results. Under the theme of “Towards Hepatitis B Elimination---Following Hepatitis C Cure”, the program aims to provide a rich content covering Epidemiology, Virology, Immunology, HBV, HBV Vaccination, HCV, HDV, and HCC. It brings together worldwide eminent experts and researchers as well as sponsors and exhibitors for networking opportunities. Date: June 22 -24, 2018 Venue: Taipei, Taiwan

Kindcongress basically is a free worldwide service in order to advance the quality of Congress and seminars with the aim of expanding cultural science. The KindCongress Conference center Was Initiated in the Late 2016s For The Purpose of Notifying The Most Reliable Scientific Conferences, Seminars, and Congresses. KindCongress Site Has Been Implemented To Give Quick Access To Users For All Conferences. Conferences and Information Displayed on This Center Will Be Displayed Individually and Independently on This Site So That People Who Can Search for the Conference to Present Articles or Participate in it Can Easily Use its Services. The KindCongress follows these goals: - Register to dispose of Congress and seminars - Register to participate in the congress and seminars - Register as a speaker in your own field of study or invite speakers - Evaluate and ranking the Congress and seminars

PlacidWay, a U.S.-based medical tourism market leader, offers extensive information related to global medical travel. Its network has over 500 renowned medical centres from over 40 countries and 250 cities worldwide. We are a trusted brand offering comprehensive, full-service solutions. We facilitate services consumers either couldn’t afford or couldn’t find. We are able to help customers from all over the world get access to personalized, safe, and affordable medical care, no matter where they are from, meeting their budget requirements. Our goal is to help each customer make the right decision when it comes to choosing healthcare options abroad. PlacidWay provides enormous options including cosmetic surgeries, dental treatments, obesity/weight loss, stem cell, orthopaedic surgeons, fertility and many more.

ExportHub is an international B2B marketplace brand formed by a group of B2b & Internet marketing experts, who have spent their lifetime in pursuit of technology projects. People at ExportHub have prior internet marketing experience and are thorough with industry related knowledge. Combining our strong B2B experience, technology expertise and profound knowledge of current industry trends, ExportHub offers innovative solutions to your business problems. Unlike other B2B’s, ExportHub offers guaranteed result oriented services that differentiate us from the other B2B & Internet marketing industry. Over the last decade, ways to do business has changed multi-folds. To unleash your maximum business potential, we offer high-tech B2B and full-scale digital services.

GovEvents is the premiere online resource for government and military events worldwide. Created as a service to the government community, government and military personnel, contractors, vendors, and event organizers can go to one place on the web to find and post government-related events. With tens of thousands of users, the site provides in-depth information on hundreds of events, from major industry tradeshows and government conferences, to agency-sponsored roundtables, government job fairs, training events, webinars, and on-demand webcasts. On average, 90% of the events on GovEvents are posted by its members. The remaining 10% are obtained from multiple sources including: targeted search capabilities, human collections, RSS feeds, and government user feedback on events they find relevant.

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We have created a medical portal for doctors and doctors, with the participation of the best experts, to keep you up to date on the latest developments. Every day we publish articles, talk about new methods of organizing medicine and healthcare, make news reports about innovations in medicine that most of the medical workers cannot manage to track independently. In the medical portal, every specialist can regularly improve their level of training, learn the experience of colleagues.